How To Start A Business Plan

How To Start A Business Plan – Startup Business Plan Template

Hi everybody. Again this is Tina Williams from QT business solutions com and today I’m going to go over some For-Profit information. I get a lot of questions on how to start a business plan? Today I’m going to do a quick video on how to setup your startup table in your start-up business plan. Today I’m going to do a start-up table for a service company. I’m going to say that when you pay your bills you’re going to get the bill and you’re going to do a net 30. In this example I am going to not manage inventory but if you did have inventory that you manage I would put manage inventory there.

Today we’re going to be looking at what your startup expenses will be. Most of time you’re going to have some legal
expenses you have some stationery such as your website, logo design, cards, brochures, etc. You are generally going to have to have insurance. Your security deposit and first and last. If you need any computers, signage, we are going to say it’s going to take about fifteen hundred dollars for this person we get a lawyer to review their contracts. Their stationary, web, logo design let’s say twenty five hundred dollars. If you had these quoted you can put that price there. Your insurance, let’s say your quote was five hundred dollars to start, your security deposit and first last most rich is going to be let’s just guess at twenty-five hundred dollars here you need some computers maybe some signage outside, computer equipment or faxes and all of that kind of stuff. Fax machines, copiers let’s say $1,500. You are going to have to have enough money to pay some employees so I usually put five thousand dollars here and once I get into the other tables when we are estimating the amount that you will need to pay to the people that you want to hire in your business I change this number.

Current assets if you have some desk or anything that you need to add here let’s put $1,500 i’m generally speaking in a start-up you’re not going to have to buy any long-term assets such as buildings or land and that’s it that is how to start your business plan this is your startup table now there are many other sections and I will be continuing to put out some more content so that you can understand how to create those other tables in your startup business plan as well. If you would like a free #businessplan
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