Business Growth Funding

According to a report by Gallup, new businesses lack business growth funding because the owners have significantly less personal savings to invest. Most new businesses are started with the owner’s personal savings. Established businesses may lack business growth funding because the owners don’t know where to go to get what they need.

At QT Business Solutions, we have relationships with many lenders that offer different types of business growth funding options to startups and established businesses. We help startup and established business owners determine which business growth funding option will work best for them, help them prepare to apply, and connect them with the lenders in our network that are the most likely to fund them.

Here’s a list of business growth funding options offered by our network of lenders:


We can help you get a microloan up to $50,000 or more (guaranteed) if you can meet our lenders minimum credit score requirements. The owner(s) of the business can have less than perfect credit. A business plan is needed to apply. We will help you develop your business plan and apply for microfinancing with the microfinance institutions in our lender network. This type of business growth funding works well for startups and microenterprises.

Equipment Financing

We work with several equipment financing lenders that will pay for the equipment you need for your startup, microenterprise or established small business. You may be able to get up to $250,000 (or more) in business growth funding to finance the purchase of equipment for your business if you can meet our lenders minimum credit score requirements.

Unsecured Business Financing

We can help you get up to $250,000 (or more) in unsecured business financing such as unsecured business lines of credit. Unsecured business lines of credit work well for businesses of all types and are fairly easy to obtain. It is best suited for business owners with a good, well-established personal credit history. If you want to obtain business growth funding without pledging collateral, this type of funding may work well for you.

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Request a FREE consultation to find out if you qualify for one of our business growth funding options. One of our helpful Account Managers will contact you to discuss your business funding needs and explain what’s required to qualify for our business growth funding programs. You could have up to $250,000 (or more) in funding in the next 30 days (if you qualify)!