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We prepare you to get approved for a small business loan, line of credit or grant. Get up to $50,000, GUARANTEED, when use our business plan writing services and meet our minimum requirements. Download our FREE report to learn more.

How We Help You

At QT Business Solutions we help you register your business, obtain your Tax ID/EIN, write your business plan, marketing plan, and financial projections. We also help you connect with the most suitable funding sources based on your unique situation and submit your funding applications. If you're ready to start or grow your business and require funding to do so, we can help.

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“I would put QT Enterprises as a must have for anyone that is in business, looking to start a business, or needs funding or direction even in the least. Their business plans are the best in the business and if anyone cannot be successful or get funding after using them, then there was no chance of success in the first place. They are that good! Everyone should use them.”

Wayne Turner, President – The Internet Marketers, Inc

“Tina knows her stuff and how to get businesses the money they need to continue to grow and prosper. Her staff shows the same sense of dedication that Tina has and can answer any question that I had. Tina and her company made it very affordable and beneficial to do business with her. Tina’s knowledge of the banking world was worth its weight in gold – it got me my money sooner!”

-Pat Gage, Inbound Marketing Expert

This service is exactly what I was trying to avoid but knew all along that it’s a must have. The program has all of the essential necessities that it takes to start, run and be successful in your own business. The QT Representative showed me that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel of business; you just have to take advantage of their well-planned path to get there. I thank God for the opportunity!

-Tonia C., Entrepreneur 

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