Please take some time to review testimonials we’ve received from past clients and business associates that have been happy with our services!


 “Tina Williams, will get you the CASH!! Her tenacity is unmatched in the industry! If you have a business and you’re looking for business funding Tina Williams is the one to see. She will get the job DONE!”

Submitted by Selina R. Henderson, Business, Credit and Real Estate Expert


“It was a pleasure to work with Tina and QT Enterprises. Me and Tina share a past both being previous Bankers so I was more than happy to have the opportunity to support her efforts at QT. Great lady, very experienced in her field and genuinely cares about the small business community. I look forward to great things with QT Enterprises.”

Submitted by Louis T. Jackson, Senior Business Consultant


“I would put QT Enterprises as a must have for anyone that is in business, looking to start a business, or needs funding or direction even in the least. Their business plans are the best in the business and if anyone cannot be successful or get funding after using them, then there was no chance of success in the first place. They are that good! Everyone should use them.”

Submitted by Wayne Turner, President – The Internet Marketers, INC


“Tina knows her stuff and how to get businesses the money they need to continue to grow and prosper. Her staff shows the same sense of dedication that Tina has and can answer any question that I had. Tina and her company made it very affordable and beneficial to do business with her. Tina’s knowledge of the banking world was worth its weight in gold – it got me my money sooner!”

Submitted by Pat Gage, Inbound Marketing Expert (SEO/SEM/PPC/SOCIAL/MOBILE)


“Working with Tina is exciting. She is full of creative ideas and has great insight to getting loans approved and writing business plans. I highly recommend working with Tina.”

Submitted by Ted Cantu, Owner at i Cantu Media


“Tina is a business plan development expert. Tina’s business plans have been entered in competitions resulting in top ranking. As well her clients have been able to secure business financing from their solid business plans. Tina gets business and is awesome at pulling her clients’ business ideas from a vision to a solid plan format. Tina operates with the utmost professional respect and integrity. I highly recommend this business plan expert.”

Submitted by Yolanda Williams-Davis, Certified Business Analyst, Change and Project Manager, Commercial Finance Intermediary


“Tina Williams/QT Enterprises is an amazing organization. They are truly the best company to choose for your business needs such as business loans, business credit, business plans, and much much more. I have been to QT Enterprises events and the information I learned have helped me grow my business even more. I even won a FAX/COPIER/PRINTER MACHINE at one of their events. I have also had the pleasure to have Ms. Tina Williams speak at my event. She was truly an asset to the event. I am looking forward to the continuing our business relationship with each other and hitting the Billionaire status SOON!”

Submitted by Kieara Johnson, President and Owner at Women Empowered & Efficient


Excellent Plan

John P says: I was very pleased at the plan they had put together. The ideas they installed were items that we never thought of. Great team.


Extremely Knowledgeable

Noah F says: My discussion with QT Enterprises left me so glad to have invested my time, because the wisdom and understanding I received has been extremely valuable and memorable. This is a great organization and I strongly recommend it.


Excellent Initial Consultation

Lee A says: Very pleased with the information given and confident manner in which it was communicated. Strongly considering moving forward.



Ms. Faye J says:  QT has excellent service Ms. Tina and Mr. Don GREAT people. If anybody needs a business plan this is the place to get it. But not just a plan but any other services that you need they got that to. Down to earth people that really care about you and your business. I love them!!!!



Sandy K says: Enjoyed the experience and the information they had was great and understanding. No hidden underlying words you couldn’t understand. Up front and gave me all the information needed in one seating. I left there with a different outlook on business. Ready to go forward. I will recommend QT Enterprises to anyone starting or had a business and need assistance with any phase of the business.


Knowledge and Concern

Mary W says: This was a unique and rewarding experience. I was not aware of the number of resources that existed. The representative was extremely knowledgeable, concerned, courteous and helpful. I will certain recommend the company to others.


Came in with my agenda, left with a game plan!!!

Connell B says: They don’t play at QT. They are the real deal. Tina is awesome and runs a great operation with A-1 individuals to assist you. Don is a wonderful consultant as well. Thanks QT.



Reginald M says: Very impressed and look forward to a great relationship. I feel that my clients will benefit from working with them directly. Very impressed.


Great Consultation

Tonia C says: This service is exactly what I was trying to avoid but knew all along that it’s a must have. The program has all of the essential necessities that it takes to start, run and be successful in your own business. The QT Representative showed me that there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel of business; you just have to take advantage of their well-planned path to get there. I thank God for the opportunity!


Executive Helper for new business owners

Marlene L says: Meeting with Tina explained why QT Enterprises is considered one of the top companies providing assistant in preparing business plans and preparing them for the process of applying for small business loans. Walking someone through the process so there are no surprises can only assistant them in getting an approval for the applied loan. Keep up the great work!


Yvette W review:

Yvette W says: I was very impressed with the professionalism, wonderful attitudes of the staff, and very excited to get started with QT Enterprises. All of my questions were answered and I left with more knowledge and the exuberant desire to get started with QTE. I appreciate the assistance and advice. I believe with their help, I can take my company in a positive direction in which to build my small business. I will definitely refer your company to others seeking financial information and guidance. Mrs. Williams is AWESOME!!


Excellent Service

Shertina S says: I was very pleased with the personal feel of the QT Team. On top of that, my consultant was very knowledgeable in my area of focus.


Excellent Initial Meeting

Dahnyelle C says: I am very impressed with their service. They are very knowledgeable and I would recommend their service to anyone interested in pursuing a new or existing business venture. I am very excited to get started!!!!


Excellent Initial Consultation

Lairen K says: Our meeting was great. We took a lot of great information away from the meeting and are extremely excited about starting our business with QT Enterprise as our guide. Their customer service and expertise is one of a kind and we will definitely tell everyone we know about the company.



ANTONIO L says: I thought that I was on the right track when it came to running a small business, thanks to the QT team my understanding is totally not the same, I will tell anyone who want to start a business to call QT first , thanks QT  Enterprises.


About Business

Shonale A says: My meeting at QT Enterprises was by far the best. This company should write a book on customer service! The information and services provided made me feel very comfortable in choosing to do business with them! I highly recommend QT Enterprises for your business needs!


Excellent Service

Valisa B says: I was very pleased with the services that I received and the knowledge that they have. I will refer their services to anyone who is looking to start a new business.