Faith Based Organizations and Grants

How to Quickly Apply for Sponsorships and #Grants for your #FaithBased Organization

Hi, I’m Tina Williams again from and today I am going to go over faith-based organizations and grants. Many faith-based organizations have wonderful causes that need money to continue. Have you ever thought about getting grants or sponsorships to further your cause or your ministry? Today I’m going to go through this video and I’m going to show you what I believe faith-based organizations need to do in order to get grants and I’m going to show some grantmakers and their limitations and then make a suggestion on how you will be able to get grants for your faith-based organization. So faith-based organizations are generally having a good cause and you might need some money in order to get your cause off the ground. You might want to help your community however a lot of times I am hearing that faith-based organizations have a little bit of trouble getting grants into their organizations and I’m going to go through some grantmakers now to show why faith-based organizations could be having trouble getting grants. Let’s first go to Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation gave 560 million dollars in grants and this was by the year end of 2013 but they have some limitations. So in the limitations they can only give in the United States. They do give on a global basis so some grant makers will have a state that they can only give to. Here are some other limitations… no support for programs for with substantial support from government or other sources are readily available or for religious sectarian activities. Right, let’s go to JP Morgan Chase. They gave 830 million dollars at year end in 2013. The same thing here, we have some limitations. They have specific states that they can give in so if you’re not in these states you’re not going to be able to get any grants from jpmorgan chase. They also give no support for religious, fraternal, social or other membership organizations not a direct benefit of the entire community. Look at DTE… 11 million dollars given by year end 2014. They only give in Michigan so this 11 million dollars went to Michigan based companies and they have some limitations of no support for political parties or religious organizations not a direct benefit to the entire community. Most grantmakers are going to have a stipulation that they will not give to religious organizations not in direct benefit to the entire community. If your company is a church or you have something such as ministries in the title of your name your grant application could be overlooked because of your title of your company. It might be you know church… you might have church in the name of the foundation. So what I’m going to suggest is that you open another organization… something that is going to be helping with the church activities but it is not particularly a
faith-based organization and the #501c3 will not be for religious purposes the 501c3 organization will help with specific things such as youth organization, youth development and other things that grant makers are willing to fund for. If you would like more information we’re going to be having a sit-down. So i would like to invite you to that sit down. Please click the link below and you will be able to register for that sit down and get some information about your faith-based organization and how we can help you